June 1, 2015

Why are QR Codes important?

QR Codes bridge the gap between visual ads and the ever-growing digital environment through the use of smartphones.

At  ADS Interactive we use QR codes to allow our customers prospects to download the information they want onto their handsets, for example catalogues, guides, brochures, leaflets, booking links, menus, discounts and so on.

This can have a massive impact on your business’ marketing, advertising or customer service


QR Code
More than 2 in 3 adults own smartphones in the UK

Fast mobile internet (4G) subscribers have more than tripled from 2013 to 20142

32% of smartphone users in the UK make at least one purchase a month using their smartphone …that’s the highest number in Europe

A BIG advantage is be able to provide that kind of information WHEN the prospects wants it, in a way that they like. People use your code do so because they already have an interest, making purchase conversions much more likely.

No expensive print costs for amendments and no coffee stains! Your material is always pristine and up to date.

Monitor your digital marketing campaign – see how many people access your website and offers via different platforms

Facilitate customer access by removing any barriers by making it easy for customers to visit your website for purchases, offers and information


Remember, if content is King, then distribution is Queen! Contact us today for an informal chat about how our technology can help you get your information out in front of your audience.


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