September 11, 2013

What is Smart Tourism?

Over 50% of the UK population use smartphones to access the intenet. Gone are the days where browsing the web happens at home. More and more people nowadays are making purchasing and things to do decisions on the move.

Last minute bookings is the way of the way of the world nowadays – and that applies especially to people making decisions locally and visitors trying to find out where the cool places are out and about around this area.

I am going to a wedding and I need a great hairdressers?

We are staying here and want to find the best restaurant?

My car’s broken down and I need to know where the locals recommend to get it fixed?

How much to get into the castle and do they do a family ticket?

For all these questions and more, people no longer depend on Visitor Information Centres (the vast majority are winding down or closing). No, in the main, they are referring to their iPhone or their Samsung Galaxy. 57 million iPhones will be released into circulation this year and over 20 million Samsung Galaxy S3s were sold in the first 3 months since its release!* There are more smartphones in the world than there are toothbrushes.

So everything is gravitating towards providing people with information on the move.

Right now there are two main sources of information distribution – Search Engines (like Google) and App Stores (like iTunes and the Android Playstore). It is crucial that businesses nowadays recognise that leaflet racks and centralised marketing websites (no names mentioned) are getting lost in the clutter of saturated internet advertising and the compelling need for people to reach for their iPhones are really where they need to be to connect…and that means through Social Networking (like Facebook and Twitter) and apps !

Customer commitment is no longer guaranteed – it needs to be worked on using a Digital Marketing Strategy. A web hit needs to be translated into an app download and an app download normally depends upon a social networking recommendation or a superb video pitch.

The web is extending into the public spaces with iSign Digital Networks allowing wayfinding, Vouchers and Last Minute Deals to be proliferated into the Digital space.

If you are a hairdressers, a garage or a castle…you need to be working towards winning your customers by paying close attention to you Direct Digital Marketing Strategy.

ADS is currently assisting local and National brand businesses to take a leap of faith and join The Digital Age!




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