February 27, 2018

Touchscreen – GAP



Key Points

GAP products were born for supermarket and agricultural products market.
This can give strong trust of the goods to the housewives and those who buy the goods.
People can see the history of the goods such as where it was born, how to be manufactured, how to be stored,
how to be delivered.
Also this operates as a point of purchasing display instead of sales assistant.

Key Features

High resolution 40,46,52”(WUXGA: 1080*1920)
Good brightness 40,46,52”(450cd/mm2, Contrast ratio : 4000:1)
Two kinds of Controller PC2 (Vista Business) , Embedded Linux Player (ELP)
(For more information, refer to the controller)
Material of frame Steel painted with powder burning)
Front tempered glass For protecting LCD panel against external impacts.
Subject to the order Separate PC2 , Built-in ELP
Caster 4 casters in the bottom for easy moving
Height adjusting screw 4 screws in the bottom for easy leveling
Warranty LCD panel – 1year
Controller (Separate PC2 – 3 year , Built-in ELP – 1year)
Other parts – 1year
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