February 27, 2018

Touchscreen-Freestanding Indoor


Screen Size : 40 inch
450 Nits Brightness
1920 x 1080 FHD resolution (portrait)
Infrared touch screen
Built-In audio
Internal PC
Lockable rear cover
On Lockable Castors
Screen Printed Logo of customer’s choice
White Frame (other colours optional)
Flexible installation – easy to move/transport
H- 1850mm, W-610mm, D – 170mm
Base: L – 680mm, W -570mm, D – 40mm


The ES40 interactive kiosk is ADS’ flagship Interactive Venue and Local Information system. These units have an install history of nearly 4 years in Scotland and have received good reviews from users and customers. ADS have these in stock and can be installed immediately upon order.

The PC offered supports RJ45 standard LAN as the recommended link to the internet. As a fallback, the PC also supports Wi-Fi. The Wi-Fi antenna is mounted externally. To ensure crisp, clear images on the screen, interfacing the PC to the LCD is via digital video interface (DVI) connection. The touch screen is connected via serial USB, whilst the stereo audio is connected via an audio-out jack. The kiosk has three external connections – these comprise mains power, USB and an RJ45 LAN connection. Internally the PC, LCD and touch screen are powered from a 4-way intelliplug adapter which detects when the PC is powered on (PC is switched on via a scheduled task) and activates/deactivates mains power to these peripherals accordingly. An IR remote control, CD based Trouble-Shooting Guide/User Manual and 2 keys are provided with each kiosk.
Operating System and Functionality

The PC will come installed with Windows 7 Professional Operating System, Google Chrome browser as standard. A lockdown (password protected) utility ensures the application cannot be tampered with. ADS will also install a remote monitoring facility to access each kiosk remotely for problem diagnosis and updates.

The ES40 is a self contained kiosk mounted on lockable castors. The unit is stable and secure whilst it can also be easily moved by trained personnel. Sound can be adjusted or muted using the remote control provided. Similarly, the screen brightness can also be adjusted by staff to suit the local conditions.


Please call us on 0141 295 0495 for more information.

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