March 1, 2018

Ticketing and Payments

Our automated ticketing kiosks provide simple multilingual check-in, booking and payment solutions. This reduces staff overhead and streamlines the customer experience during peak times.

Our ticketing software integrates your own online booking system with a touchscreen interface and credit card reader.

While most ticketing solutions can only perform basic functions, our touchscreen ticketing software provides a vibrant and immersive experience for the end user. All of our touchscreens  are content-rich  (embedded video, live social media feeds etc.) allowing increased revenue and staff savings.

This solution is an affordable and a practical necessity in today’s competitive marketplace. If you are interested and want to know more then contact us today .

 “Consumers deserve a secure, high quality service at the point of purchase” 


   Increase sales by offering self-service payment.

   Reduce queue waiting time.

   Eliminate unnecessary staff overheads.

   Process payments securely.

   Promote other services and products.

   Allow sales to take place 24/7.

   Free up staff for other tasks.




Contact us on 0141 295 0495 to find out more.






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