February 18, 2013

Terms & Conditions

CONDITIONS OF CONTRACT: Please read carefully — once payment is received, this Agreement cannot be
cancelled and no refund will be granted.

The Advertisement: The advertisement will be produced and displayed as detailed in this Agreement.

Reference to a ‘Listing’ means it will be displayed on ADS Interactive iSigns on that chosen format.

Reference to ‘Destination’ means it will be displayed on the iSigns relevant to the location of the business
being advertised. No special content layout can be guaranteed, but the Company will endeavour to
accommodate any reasonable request.

The Copy:

The Advertiser is responsible for supplying to the Company all wording and all images to enable the
Company to produce a suitable advertisement. The Company will endeavour to assist with recommendations
regarding wording and images if it is practically possible to do so and the Advertiser has made this request
for recommendations known to the Company from the outset of this Agreement. The Company does not
undertake to supply photographs but may help if requested by the Advertiser. The Advertiser is ultimately
responsible and liable for the content of the advertisement.

The Company will supply a ‘Proof’ to the Advertiser, which the Advertiser will return to the Company without
undue delay, approved or amended. An approval by the Company merely indicates that the advertisement
will be displayed and does not reflect the legality of the content, which remains the sole responsibility of the
Advertiser. If the proof is not returned within the notification time period indicated on the proof and the
Advertiser fails to respond to contact from the Company the Proof will be deemed approved by the Company.
Failure by the Advertiser to supply wording and images will entitle the Company to submit a proof showing
a minimum of information which will include the Advertiser’s name, address telephone number along with a
description of the Advertiser’s trade as best the Company can find. The Company will endeavour to produce
a suitable advertisement based on the reasonable requirement of the Advertiser; provided however, the
Company is not liable nor responsible for the content of the advertisement.

Other Services:

The Company offers a range of additional services.

Trade Monopoly:

The Company does not undertake to grant trade monopolies and reserves the right to display advertisements
of similar trades and businesses or occupations to that or those of the Advertiser.

Additional Information:

No variation to this Agreement will be accepted unless provided in writing and signed by the Advertiser and an
authorised representative of the Company.

The disposal, change of address or change of style or nature of the Advertiser’s business shall not invalidate
liability under this Agreement.

The laws of Scotland govern this Agreement.


Content may not contain, advertise, link (either directly or, if with the knowledge of Company, indirectly) to
or otherwise be related to content that (a) is obscene, defamatory, libelous, slanderous, profane, indecent or
unlawful; (b) infringes or misappropriates third party intellectual property rights (including, but not limited to,
copyrights, trademarks, service marks or any other proprietary, publicity or privacy right); (c) constitutes “hate
speech”, whether directed at an individual or a group, and whether based upon the race, sex, creed, national
origin, religious affiliation, sexual orientation or language of such individual or group; (d) facilitates or
promotes gambling, or the sale or use of liquor, tobacco products or illicit drugs; or (e) facilitates, promotes
or forwards illegal contests, pyramid schemes or chain letters. The Company may, but is under no obligation
to, review the Content, and may refuse to make Content available to users in whole or in part if the Company
determines that Content violates the foregoing limitations or such other reasonable limitations as the
Company may adopt from time to time. Additionally, Company warrants that it will not willfully or knowingly
provide Content which promotes or contains viruses, worms, corrupted files, cracks or other materials that
are intended to or may damage or render inoperable software, hardware or security measures of Microsoft,
subscribers or any third party. Failure by the Company to exhibit Content which does not meet

  • the specifications required by the Company, includes materials which do not meet the Company’s
    content limitations, and/or is in violation of Company’s
  • warranties does not constitute a breach of this Agreement or otherwise
  • entitle Advertiser to any legal remedy.

The Advertiser warrants that no information contained in any advertisement breaches the terms of the
Fair Trading Act 1973 or the provisions of any other statute or regulation or rule of law. The Advertiser will
indemnify the Company against all actions, proceedings, claims, demands, costs and expenses arising by
reason of any breach of this section.

Payment Terms:

Unless otherwise agreed to in writing, advertising fees are due and payable in full upon execution of this
Agreement. Advertiser may choose among the following choices (See Booking Form for latest rates): Poster,
Sidebar, Interactive Listing or Basic Listing. 75% of the annual fees immediately are allocated for the display
of the Content Design and 25% for 12 months advertising on the network at the advertising level for which
Advertiser selected.

The Company reserves the right upon at least thirty (30) days written notice to change advertising rates; such
changes to take effect in the proceeding term.

Overdue Accounts:

Payment must be made at the Company’s place of business.

Any account outstanding more than 30 days of receiving an invoice will place the Advertiser in breach of
Agreement and the Company will be entitled to proceed against the Advertiser for the recovery of the
unexpired Agreement term. The Company will enforce its rights for late payments costs under the Late
Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act of 1998. Interest will be charged at Bank of England Base Rate
+8% of the total sum outstanding including VAT. Debt Recovery costs of £40 will also be charged.

Should the Advertiser go into liquidation or bankruptcy or compound with its creditors, then the full amount of
rental for the unexpired term shall become payable immediately.

Change of Ownership:

If ownership of the business featured in the Advertisement changes hands the current owners and the new
owners are jointly and severally liable for the content of the advertisement as well as full payment of all
monies due to the end of the agreed term of this Agreement.


The term of this Agreement will be as detailed on the order form and will be for a minimum period of one
year. This Agreement will automatically renew for one year terms unless cancelled in writing by either party
with a minimum of one month’s notice prior to the termination of the then current term. The Company may
terminate this Agreement immediately, without notice should it become aware that the Advertiser’s content
may be false or misleading or may violate any applicable laws, rules, regulations, infringe upon the intellectual
property rights of another, or otherwise breach the terms of this Agreement .

iSign Uptime:

iSign does not guarantee 100% uptime. The Company will endeavour to keep the iSign network available at
all times. Typically the Company will respond to any iSign down within 2 hours. The Company are dependent
upon power and internet service provider for each iSign location to maintain service.

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