December 17, 2015

Smart Destination Funding



Your destination has a number of organisations that will benefit from the growth of your SMART destination. As part of our involvement, we will work with you to identify and engage those who should be involved from YOUR specific destination.

Once a destination has installed its ‘starter pack’ it naturally attracts further investment as it aligns itself clearly with the key objectives of the area. For example Fife, our most successful destination, started with 4 units. With further investment from different avenues, Fife now have over 20 units installed in key locations throughout their destination.

We thought you may find it useful to gain an insight into the type of funding channels our existing destinations have used and you will find this listed below.


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  Local/County Council

  Smart Choices Smart Places

  Coastal Communities Funding

  Regional Growth Fund

  BIDs (Business Improvement District)

  Rural Tourism Growth Grants



  Transport Hubs

  Retail Parks





Local/County Council

Many of our customers  initiate their destination activation with Council funding. Further investment through this channel is frequently used to grow the network over a period of time.
Case Example  For example Fife, our most successful destination, started with 4 units. With further investment from different avenues, Fife now have over 20 units installed in key locations throughout their destination. Find out more about their early days by clicking the link below.
Read more about Fife Tourism Partnership

Rural Tourism Growth Grants

The Growth Programme provides funding to help projects in England which create jobs and help rural economy growth
Small-scale tourism infrastructure grants are to help tourism grow in rural areas by attracting more visitors and for them to stay longer. Tourism infrastructure projects must be sustainable after grant funding stops.
Read more about this grant.

 Smart Choices Smart Places

The Smarter Choices, Smarter Places (SCSP) initiative was developed to encourage more people to reduce their car use in favour of more sustainable alternatives such as walking, cycling and public transport.
Case Example: Because of the ability of out units to distribute a wide range of information this fund provided several units to The Borders in the Railway stations to promote cycling and to encourage awareness of the cycle paths in their area. As the units also provide visitor information and are part of the wider visitor information network in the area.
Read more about this grant.

Coastal Communities Funding

The Coastal Communities Fund (CCF) aims to encourage the economic development of UK coastal communities by awarding funding to create sustainable economic growth and jobs.
This fund is available to all of the coastal communities of Britain. And the good news is that the UK Government announced on 8 July 2015 that the CCF will be extended to 2020/21.
Case Example: This fund was used very successfully by Fife Tourism Partnership to purchase an outdoor unit and several indoor units which made a huge difference to their already growing stock of visitor information points which had been purchased by FTP (FTP itself being funded by the council)
Read more about this fund.

British BIDs (Business improvement District)

Business Improvement Districts , providing support, advice and encouragement to business groups, communities and local authorities considering and developing a business improvement district.
Read more about this fund here

Regional Growth Funds

For example the Visit Scotland Growth Fund supports a range of regional, national and sectoral groups to deliver marketing campaigns to UK and International audiences. Funding can cover 50% of approved marketing costs from a minimum award of £5,000 up to a maximum of £40,000.
The Fund is open to constituted groups of three or more independent tourism businesses, including destination organisations and sectoral groups. Applications are welcome from both new and existing partnerships.
Read more about this fund here.


Universities are investing large amounts of money in campus rejuvenation and are also keen to go green with their student information provision.
Case Example Edinburgh University use one of our units in their busiest Halls of Residence. This unit not only provides local information from tourists during summer holidays but also provides selected relevant information to students during term time. “The iSign allows us to create a closed environment where our audience can access curated specific information that they need to see.” Howard Hughes, University of Edinburgh.
Transport Hubs Currently Abellio are making huge investments in their stations
Retail Parks are duty bound to provide information regarding local businesses.
Case Example Savilles recently contracted us to install an outdoor unit in ‘Europe’s Biggest Retail Park’ in Catterick, Richmond, to promote local businesses.
Hotels use our digital concierge units to provide their guests with great customer service. Provision of local information is part of this.
Case Example Fraser Suites and a number of other Hotels have the smart tourism app running from their digital concierge.

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