May 3, 2015

Outdoor Unit

The Outdoor Unit is highly durable, robust and promises to stand out for all the right reasons.



24 hour information delivery
Weather proof
Fully branded.
Ideal for high footfall environments

The outdoor unit has additional features to ensure smooth operation in potentially hostile outdoor environments.

A controller monitors the internal temperature via a series of sensors, providing heating and cooling as required to ensure the internal temperature is kept stable. A continuous airflow is circulated throughout the unit to maintain uniformity of temperature.

The iSign’s vertical upright is attached to the baseplate with eight M12 bolts. The baseplate itself is secured to the reinforced concrete block by six M12 bolts. This method is proven in several extreme installations throughout Europe and Asia.

For an informal discussion of your needs and pricing information please call us on 0141 295 0495


Access to the interactive features in an open, outdoor environment

Super Bright screen (1500 Nits) for readability in sunlit conditions


PC, power and internet connection through trunking in reinforced concrete block from a nearby supply


This unit can be used in a high footfall open environment such as a town square or promenade and can be used

24/7. There is a stylish canopy to provide shade and some shelter from the rain.


Due to the robust nature of the Outdoor Unit, it is very reliable.

Key Features

High resolution 46”(WXGA: 768*1366) , 70”(WUXGA: 1080*1920)
High brightness 46”(1500cd/mm2, Contrast ratio : 3000:1) , 70”(2000cd/mm2 Contrast ratio : 1700:1)
Two kinds of Controller PC2 (Vista Business) , Embedded Linux Player (ELP)(For more information, refer to the controller)
Structure Steel painted with powder burning
Front tempered glass For protecting LCD panel against external impacts.
Subject to the order Separate PC2 , Built-in ELP
Installation  Permanently Secured to the ground with bolts
Proof Water, Dust, Heat, Cold
Warranty LCD panel – 2 yearsController (Separate PC2 – 3 year , Built-in ELP – 1year)Other parts – 1year


Please call us for an informal discussion of your needs and pricing 0141 295 0495



N.B Professional installation required

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