October 31, 2014

Making Facebook Benefit your Business


Should businesses be on Facebook?

Social Media Marketing is certainly the industry’s latest trend with 75% of marketers saying Facebook is important to their campaigns (State of Inbound Marketing, 2012); this figure has been consistently increasing from 24% in 2009. Why?
1. Social Media has a 100% higher lead-to-close rate than traditional outbound marketing approaches (State of Inbound Marketing, 2012).

2. More and more of people’s time, conversations and opinions are moving online. Key contributors to Social Media are men (aged 18 – 35) and women (aged 18-55), with women over 40 being the fastest growing Facebook user group.

3. Social Media offers businesses the opportunity to learn about who’s visiting their pages, what they are sharing online and how long they are spending. This insight helps businesses understand their audience so they can better meet their needs.

Who’s doing it right?

Keys to Success

All businesses using Facebook successfully tick the following boxes:
1) Professional-looking Cover Photo and Logo
As the first thing any viewer will see on your page, cover photo (big banner picture across top) and profile picture (Smaller picture to the left of cover photo) are essential to expressing your business. Viewers will make initial judgements about the credibility, professionalism and branding of your business by these pictures, so it’s worth making them count.
2) Understanding and promoting your audience
Above all else Facebook is a place for conversation and community, so involving and valuing your community members makes a big impact. Many of your fans are asking what you are going to do for us, so give them a reason to be on your Facebook.
3) Contributing to Common Interests
Businesses doing well on Facebook are building and connecting groups of people based on their shared interests. If you are a sports pub, why not ask your communities opinions on the latest sports news or share a video you liked?
Some Examples
Wigwam Holidays are using their Facebook Page primarily for competitions to promote and share information regarding their events. Competitions are a fun and effective way to engage and inform current and potential customers of your offerings and product range. Wigwam Holidays also use their Facebook to champion their fans and supporters, appreciating and encouraging their hearty community.
Attractions/Things to Do
Seafari keep their audiences up to date with the latest news and weather conditions effecting their trips using photos. These photos show off the landscape and coastal beauty of their idyllic location which draws in interest and delivers customers. Seafari also use facebook to share public interest pieces which relate to their followers allowing their community to be feel like they are part of the action even when they are miles away.

How ADS are helping local business 

We recognise the importance on Social media and are constantly looking for ways to drive traffic to our customers pages.

At the moment we are doing this in 2 ways:

  1. Sharing offers and events directly on our own FB page. Unlike many, we do not ask businesses to provide us with prizes to ‘help promote them’  as this ultimately drives interaction on our own FB page not yours! We directly share YOUR FB post to drive traffic to YOUR FB in order to enter any offers and deals.
  2. Sharing offers and events on our iSign network. Our network is infront of million and our own research demonstrates that the people using the machines love an offer! So we list YOUR offers with a direction to YOUR FB to enter on the home pages of whole NATIONAL network. Your event will be localised to your destination home page (which is also available Nationally under with our maps search)

Due to increasing demand we now provide customers with a free Digital Marketing Appraisal where we take a look at ALL your digital platforms and provide you with professional assessment of the good bits and the ‘could be better’ bits!

We also offer a 6 Weeks to Success Programme where we can help you formulate a plan of action for your existing social media platform or give you practical assistance to help create relevant platforms that you don’t have yet. We coach you in attracting and maintaining a relevant engaged audience and provide you with the skills to ultimately manage this on your own.



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