May 3, 2015




Retractors :Only manager can control the contents.
Durability :Tempered glass protects LCD and Touch screen from all external impacts.
Software included
4 casters in the bottom (easy moving)
Various functions based on interactive technology are reserved for special quests.

Key Features

High resolution 42”(WUXGA: 1080*1920 ),46”(WXGA: 768*1366)
52,57,70,82”(WUXGA: 1080*1920)
High brightness 42”(700cd/mm2, contrast ratio : 2000:1) ,46”(700cd/mm2, Contrast ratio : 2000:1)
52”(600cd/mm2 Contrast ratio : 1700:1) , 57”(600cd/mm2 Contrast ratio : 2000:1)
70”(600cd/mm2 Contrast ratio : 1500:1) 82”(600cd/mm2 Contrast ratio : 1200:1)
Touch screen Capacitive
Controller PC2(VISTA Business) – For more information, refer to the controller.
Subject to the order Built-in PC , Separate PC
Material of frame Steel painted with powder burning.
Front tempered glass For protecting LCD panel against external impacts.P
Caster 4 casters in the bottom for easy moving
Warranty LCD panel – 2year
Controller(Built-in PC , Separate PC) – 3year
Other parts – 2year

Please call for further discussion and costs 08435 235165

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