October 30, 2014

Discovering and Understanding your Hidden Audience


Discover greater customer engagement from industry insiders:

  • Digital content is 4X more likely to be seen and remembered than paper ads
  • 20% of your customers provide 80% of your business through their custom and word of mouth, this means building and maintaining relationships is the most effective way to boost your business.
  • The most effective way to build relationships with customers is through social media and your website.

ADS Interactive build and maintain relationships with local businesses by providing the help and insight it takes to engage your customers across platforms. Whether you own a B&B or a zoo, we have a developed a successful track record by giving customers the advice and guidance they want, when they want it and how they want it. Attracting customers to your business without ‘breaking the bank’ can be difficult, this is the why we are dedicated to working with businesses to realize their online potential and get the insights they need.

Understanding how to reach your audiences

Although many customers will travel to your business from home, a growing number are choosing to where to go and what to do ‘on the go’ making promotion difficult and expensive for businesses away from the main street.

  • 73% of people in Britain use smartphones
  • However only 53% search information on their smart devices
  • The majority of smartphone users are aged 34 and under

This means many businesses are missing out on non-smartphone-using customers. Having recognized this limitation, ADS Interactive have been developing and deploying digital “iSign” displays to key footfall locations across Scotland allowing visitors and residents access to small businesses’ online content, trip advisor ratings, menus, timetables and directions.

The response has been overwhelming, with the average user spending an impressive 41 seconds on the iSign; compares this to view-time of your printed posters and pamphlets and the impact is clear. Businesses advertising on posters, sidebars and interactive listings with ADS iSign are definitely getting a good Return on their Investment.

Several examples were provided but let’s look specifically at St Andrews Aquarium here. – See more here

Give customers

  • What they want
  • How they want it
  • When they want it

You can interact with clients, potential customers and followers in an efficient and personalised way. Unlike traditional methods we offer businesses the opportunity to measure and track the effectiveness of each campaign. One of the most significant benefits of becoming part of the ADS iSign network is that you will have sight of how many times your listing has been viewed. Have a ‘conversation’ with your customers. As we record every interaction so we can tell you what customers are looking for, when and where.

Digital marketing is MUCH more cost effective than using traditional advertising methods. With digital advertising there are no printing costs for leaflets or flyers and as a result you are left with a cost effective means to offer personalised marketing communications to your
customers. We distribute real time information that can be updated at any time and changed instantly accordingly to suit your business needs. Measure, tweak, refine, re-measure any time, as many times as you like for FREE .

We provide direct access to your customers. We can help you create and combine all your main digital marketing and distribute it straight  into the hands of interested customers. We can help you to develop content that can be shared all over the world by consumers. We process visual information 60,000 times faster than language. From websites, social networking platforms to video’s, Search Engine Optimization, all powerful marking tools are within your reach. This content can be incorporated seamlessly with your website or/and social media platforms. Online video consumption is exploding. 4 billion online videos are watched daily. The ‘share’ option on Facebook and ‘re-tweet’ option on Twitter allows customers to share your content with their followers thus exposing your content to an enormous potential customer base.

Tony “I’ve only got 15 seconds to capture your attention … so I guess I better make it quick” Haile of Chartbeats data shows that instead of tracking views alone, we should focus on reading time and page engagement. For advertising based sites, high level of involvement is a key performance indicator as time spent indicates a high level of interest and involvement. ADS iSign average time turns out to be an impressive 41 seconds. In this time the users are able to read business content extensively thus making an informed decision on their purchase and increase brand recall as the message resonates longer in the clients mind.



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