December 16, 2015

Smart Cities and Destination Promotion


The Interactive Tourism Network is our flagship solution which provides unparalleled visitor information across the UK, enabling Destination Management Organisations and local businesses to achieve improved information provision and increased spend via interaction with local residents and visitors. Having a network of fully branded interactive smart kiosks in high footfall locations across your destination (which is also linked with our network throughout the UK) lets you display and promote everything from travel information to things to see and do in your area in an easy and convenient way for people to see, share and take away.

Pathway to destination activation

Where do we start?

We have tailored our Smart Destination starter pack to help our new destinations join the digital revolution without delay. This is the recommended minimum number of smart kiosks you need to start a viable smart information network in your destination.


    Increase visitor spend
  check-304167_960_720  Improve local economy development
  check-304167_960_720  Engage digitally with visitors
  check-304167_960_720  Improved and real time visitor information
  check-304167_960_720  Promote your destination nationally
  check-304167_960_720  Understand visitor behaviour
  check-304167_960_720  Grow insight into visitor behaviour

Research has already shown that visitors use social media and digital channels to research and share their days out and holidays. The information kiosks are a further addition to that digital revolution and businesses have welcomed the benefits they can bring. Tourism is a very competitive market place and businesses need to grasp every opportunity they can to stand out to a large number of visitors.”

John Parker, Chair of the Fife Tourism Partnership,

How do you fund this?

As part of our initial involvement we will work with you to identify who should be involved from YOUR specific destination (Economic Development, Tourism Groups, BID, Smart Cities, Rural Tourism and so on..). What we can show you is the type of funding channels our existing destinations have used to start and grow their smart destination….more

                      check-304167_960_720  1 Outdoor and 3 Indoor fully interactive and networked Units

                      check-304167_960_720  Exclusive branding on all hardware and software

                      check-304167_960_720  ADS install and look after your network throughout the term of your contract *

                      check-304167_960_720  ADS provide you with visitor behaviour analytics

                      check-304167_960_720  Understand visitor behaviour

                      check-304167_960_720  ADS design, create and upload content  of up to 600 local businesses

                      check-304167_960_720  Additional units available on request

*subject to site planning and preparation and power and internet connection, planning permission and building works
*maintenance and support services for starter network from £349 per month



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