October 9, 2014

3 Common Mistakes When Developing Multiple Marketing Platforms

ADS have met with 1000’s businesses in Scotland and there have been several requests that come up time and time again. As we approach potential customers from a consultative basis the main aim of our meetings is to simply listen to what the business is trying to achieve and how they are using marketing to make their aims a reality. We talk through all of their current marketing initiatives and assess the effectiveness of each.

We’ve noticed that businesses have rarely sat down and really focussed hard on developing a coherent strategy, instead they market on an ad hoc, inconsistent basis with big concerns over the effectiveness. They can spend large amounts of money and really don’t know if they are getting the desired return. Many felt stuck in a rut and would like to gain a better evidence based understanding of all the new communication channels that are available and how to make them work for their business: iSign network,You Tube, Twitter, Face Book, Instagram, iSign, SEO, Websites, Pintrest, Trip Advisor, Apps.

With this amount of choice the days of printing some leaflets and putting an ad in the local paper and hoping for the best are gone. Print advertising still has its place but digital marketing is where it’s at and with the advent of smart phones the ability to tap into an interactive, free flowing decision makers is increasingly available.

So how does a business get to grips with all of this and make an assessment of what channels of communication with potential customers is best for them?

We recently embarked on providing our customers with a Digital Marketing Appraisal in order to help. This has taken us on an interesting journey! Rather than listening to what the business wants to do, this has forced us to take quite an in depth look at how a business looks from the ‘outside’

The main 2 questions I approach each business with are ‘If I was a customer, can I find the information I want easily and does the information make me want to buy?’

In summary, a few themes are emerging which I think are worthy of mention:

  • Branding: Branding and consistency risk going out of the window when multiple platforms are used. The main issues here seem to center around using different images, logo’s and even business names. Although it is good to recognise that different audiences use different platforms by potentially different media, it is recommended to keep your branding consistent.
  • Coherence: Platforms risk being run separately and the opportunity for cross promotion missed. It can be really effective to have your FB links on your Twitter page and so on. Create regular posts asking your audience to look at your latest You Tube video, or FB competition for example.
  • Simplification: Information can often be hidden, particularly new updated content which has no ‘proper place’ in the old platforms so is stuck somewhere where it just doesn’t shine making the whole system clunky and complicated. Sometimes it takes a pair of fresh eyes to see the obvious, so get an impartial friend to take a look for you!

If you would like to participate in the FREE digital marketing assessment then please just give us a ring on 08435 235 165 of email me at marketing@ads-digital.net. 

“Thank you for your excellent feedback.  I will take it all on board and hopefully be able to action most of it.” Sarah Cameron, Cruachan Power Station and Visitors Centre.



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