May 27, 2015

Case Study: Most Successful Digital Destination (Fife)

Fife Case Study Image

Key Stats:

  • 10 units in place, 5 further units to be installed
  • 40,000 business views per month
  • Highest number of visitor information points in Scotland

Fife Tourism Partnership approached ADS after seeing the units Visit Scotland had just purchased from us.
They already had a clear strategy to fully embrace the benefits of digital marketing, “with the visitor experience at its heart”.

Fife Tourism Partnership had several strategic objectives :-

1. To promote their Destination Brand as near and as far afield as possible
2. To promote places to stay and things to see and do in their area for the benefit of their members
3. To offer easy-to-access information, especially leveraging the trend to offer download content for smartphones

Fife was aware that Visitor Information Centres across the country were proving ineffective and costly to run, especially with the new generation of information access being through mobile devices.

Ann Camus and her Team at Fife Tourism Partnership decided that leveraging the power of interactive digital signage to capture attention to promote Fife’s world class digital assets could potentially influence the behaviour of mobile users.

After viewing our software and having the concept of cross destination promotion explained to them, they opted for the national networked ADS solution. Fife initially purchased two of our ES40 indoor units and very quickly purchased five more followed by an outdoor unit for one of their busy thoroughfares. At the end of 2014 they purchased an additional three units and coordinated a bid for funding through the Coastal Communities Fund for even more, bringing the grand total to a record 15.

An additional benefit is that Fife have been able to take the units to key events, such as The British Open Golf Championships at Hoylake in Liverpool and the Visit Scotland Expo 2015 in Aberdeen to showcase the area in an interactive and engaging way to international tourism buyers.

As shown Figure 1 below, Fife’s strategy has subsequently been proven correct in spectacular fashion as they shot from fourth to first on the user analytics charts. The Destination is now enjoying over 40,000 monthly business views (April 2015).

Network Enquiries

Figure 1 : The impact of Destination Activation and new iSign Network in Fife (source : iSign online Analytics)


Fife were immediately able to get over 500 businesses onto the interactive directory through the ‘Destination Activation’ package. 


Photo Listing Examples

Figure 2 : Destination Activation – Businesses Photo Listings offered immediately

Once the businesses were accessible throughout the wider network, the Council then invested heavily by purchasing more units to total 15 indoor and outdoor ‘iSigns’ allowing the Fife Tourism Directory to be accessible by as many people as possible in all the busy public spaces throughout Fife.

The iSign App

Figure 3 : The iSign App – the best way to grab attention and drive internet traffic to local websites

Fife Outdoor Unit

…Becoming Interactive
Once the destination is ‘activated’ and all of the businesses can be seen at a basic listing level, ADS Interactive® offer enhanced ‘interactive’ listings to give the iSign network’s smartphone users access to thousands of links to Fife’s businesses websites booking pages, video links and events. The system even offers individual way-finding routes from the iSign to the point of interested selected. ADS reports the user analytics on a monthly basis to the Partnership and also to each individual business through their online analytics package (members area).






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