Queue Busting Solutions – Interactive Ticketing Kiosk

As mentioned in our previous newsletter, we have been hard at work developing a ticketing solution for our customers at Seafari Adventures Oban. The vision behind this project was focused on a few key aspects: improving customer experience in busy times, making rich content be available on the kiosk to everyone and ensuring that it runs seamlessly and gets the job done without creating yet another thing to check up on.

The benefits of automated ticketing kiosks can be huge. They can considerably reduce queues, get out-of-hours sales and distribute information to visitors – all for an investment that can be easily recovered through the large amount of savings and extra revenue they can provide. On top of that, an iSign ticketing solution would do so much more.

While most ticketing solutions out there can only perform basic functions, the iSign provides a vibrant and immersive experience for the end user. All of our units can feature very rich content (video, large posters, live social media feeds ) in a multitude of languages in order to cater to any and all of your international visitors and greatly improve customer satisfaction.

This solution is affordable and a great example of technology revolutionising the way business is done. If you are interested and want to know more then contact us today .

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