Marketing: First impressions count

Before you even start to think about spending money on advertising there are many things you can do in advance.

I know a painter and decorator in my area, Leo, his van is pristine, cleaned inside and out after work every day, his paint cans are dribble free, his paint brushes spotless and hung up in order of size, his dust sheets washed every night. He turns up to work with clean fresh smelling ironed overalls every morning. His presentation is definitely a cut above your average painter and decorator. He gets a lot of exclusive contracts to nice big expensive houses. It’s the market he wanted, it’s the market he went after and it’s the market he got… in fact he has built such a reputation that prospective customers now even ask to see his famously tidy van’! They know he will do a good job of their house…. yes?

What can we learn from Leo? Read more >>>

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