October 13, 2013

7 Twitter Tips

Twitter as a micro-blogging platform has its particular features for business promotion. It’s particularly popular for news updates and as a blog for celebrities. The fundamentals of Twitter and its features are explained in the video below.

Video tutorial

1. Be relevant and engage into conversations.

This is the main advice for all social media platforms.  Follow relevant groups and people, thank your new followers for subscribing to the page and retweeting your posts. Be sociable and retweet posts where you are tagged and you will develop great reciprocal relationships.

2. Learn the lingo

Before starting your Twitter page get familiar with the glossary: i.e Hashtags, DM and Retweets.

3. Always have a strong theme for your company’s tweets.

Decide which will be the “red line” for your timeline posts and share your opinions. Also share valuable and interesting content: links to articles, books, share quotes, relevant news, opinions, tips, etc. Make a list of keywords related to your business and use them in your tweets via #hashtags.

4. Twitter has limited signs per post

Your limit is 140 characters. Use shortened links instead of full blown URLs. There are many url shortener sites if you Google.

5. Don’t use Twitter as a platform for sales messages.

Promote your service occasionally, but don’t as a main event. It’s a social platform, use it to share, discuss and create an intimate relationship with your followers. You can use special websites such as Hootsuite to monitor statistics and find out which questions your company can solve.

6. Follow the right people

Choose people from your industry and local businesses.
Follow their pages, tweet with them and engage in discussions.

7. Use Twitter to redirect users to your website or blog.

You’re looking to create an ‘inbound’ strategy. Also download apps to connect your Twitter account to Facebook and LinkedIn.


*Data source www.telegraph.co.uk

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